Colin Hanks’ Surprise Visit To Strangers’ Home


Actor Colin Hanks has surprised (very much) fans when he just dropped by their home to watch another episode of True Detective series.

The actor was staying in Fargo, Calgary, Canada, but unfortunately for him and fortunately for the two residents, he didn’t have cable in his room.

Given that the season finale was airing the worldwide hit series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, he used his Twitter to send a message asking if anyone would host him. Of course, somebody answered. A couple agreed to share their home with the star.

He says,

“I found a couple that seemed pretty cool and I texted them and I said, ‘Are you serious?’They said, ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘Because, I’m really going to do this,’ and they said, ‘Yeah, come on over,’ and they gave me their address and I went over and I watched.”

He was very thankful for his hospitality but still doesn’t want to test his luck by doing it again. He said,

“This is Russian roulette, I survived. This is the one time I did this and I’m never doing it again. But, they were super nice.”

Hanks is best known for starring in the  film Orange County in 2002, as well as television roles including Alex Whitman in Roswell, Henry Jones in Band of Brothers and Travis Marshall in Dexter, as well as co-starring in the 2010 Fox TV series The Good Guys. And yes, he is the eldest son of actor Tom Hanks.

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