Clooney Looking to Buy Homes in France and Britain Before Tying Knot


It seems that it is finally about to happen. George Clooney, the bachelor of the century who ever male envies is finally going to get married and make everyone else fell a little better about themselves. However, there have been reports recently that he is in no rush, and that he and his bride to be Amal Alamuddin are still deciding whether to have the wedding in Italy or Los Angeles.

However, it seems that they might be more interested in finding a place to live first. Some reports say that the Clooney has been out and about in the south of France trying to find the perfect love nest for him and his girlfriend and soon to be bride. Sources have said that he has contacted agents who are currently looking for a place on the beach that would be perfect for Clooney. This is actually harder than it sounds, since the beach areas of France are very crowded, and there are not many quiet spots left.

One report said that there is one spot close to St-Tropez that might be perfect. Also, Clooney is apparently looking for a home in London as well, since Amal Alamuddin will be based there as she continues to work as a human rights lawyer. You didn’t think that Clooney was going to turn her into a housewife, did you?

Clooney already owns homes in Italy, Los Angeles and Mexico. Clooney proposed to Amal Alamuddin on April 28, taking himself off the top of the list of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

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