Classy Amal Clooney Thinks George’s Friends Are ‘Beneath Her’


Apparently, sweet time is over – Amal Cloony doesn’t like George’s friends that much. To be more specific – uneducated ones. Star magazine brings an inside scoop on George – Amal relationship:

“Since marrying George Clooney in a lavish ceremony in Venice, Amal Clooney has gone from rubbing elbows with the world’s elite to hanging with her hubby’s chowderhead friends. And while many would assume Amal would fit right in, insiders claim she’s already grown tired of the Hollywood social scene she feels is beneath her.

A source for Star magazine claims that Amal has difficulties going from spending times with “doctor, scientist and writers” to hanging with “people like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, two of George’s good buddies, just isn’t her style.”

Amal is also done with sharing George on vacations.

“She doesn’t want to hurt George’s feelings but she can’t stand being around ‘guys’. She struggles to find anything talk about with them.”


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