Chris Rock’s Oscar Monologue Was As Dull As Monologues Can Get


Thanks to comedian Chris Rock’s opening of last night’s Oscars, we had a chance to witness quite possibly the most monotonous and racially-charged Academy Awards monologue in its entire history – it was basically 10 minutes of lining up Oscars-are-so-white-yo jokes one after the other, which really got absurd at one point. Not to mention that Rock’s entire presentation finished with him shouting out “Black lives matter!”

We believe that nothing makes a good speech like when you take a bit of political awareness, a pinch of sensitive topics and dip it all into a sauce of good humour. Completely failing to present the topic in a funny way, Chris ended up with something that reminds us of what happens when you make an enchilada and forget to add the tortillas – a huge mess.

The whole “Oscars are white” controversy began when the nominating committee, chaired by an African-American woman, failed to produce a single black nominee in any major category. Many Hollywood stars have taken to boycotting the event, prompting the committee to promise to provide more female and non-white nominations.

Check out the video of his speech below and tell us what you think:

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