Chris Evans’ Ready To Take A Break From Acting


After his character Captain America ended up frozen during his lifetime, it seems the actor who portrayed him, Chris Evans, is also freezing his acting career in order to focus on directing. But don’t worry, he will finish his contract with the Marvel franchise first.

Chris Evans gained worldwide fame in 2011 when he portrayed Captain America for the first time. Afterwards, he appeared in 2012’s The Avengers, as well as in its upcoming sequel Age of Ultron. Next month, Captain America’s sequel The Winter Soldier is also expected to hit cinemas.

He told Britain’s Glamour magazine, “I think when I’m done with this Marvel contract; I’ll take a little break from acting.”

“With acting, you’re one piece in a very big puzzle. It’s like you helped buy a gift but you don’t know what the gift is, so you come back and see the movie. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s tragic. This process of directing, you’re involved in every single decision.”

Evans initially turned down the offer to take on the iconic role of Captain America several times, but he’s admitted he has no regrets about it. Nevertheless, Chris has already started his directorial career in a new movie titled 1:30 Train.

“If I hadn’t done it, I’d be really kicking myself. At the time, it was a daunting task for a number of reasons, but in hindsight it was the right move,” Evans added.

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