Chris Brown’s Home Invaded By Robbers


Only two months after a crazed fan entered Chris Brown’s home and damaged his furniture and cars, the rap star has once again been the victim of a home invasion. However, thigs were much more serious (not to mention dangerous) this time.

Brown was not at home during the Wednesday morning robbery, but his poor aunt will definitely never forget the horrible incident. She first heard noise outside the house, but assumed everything was fine until she was confronted by three armed men and forced inside a closet. Before locking her in the closet, the criminals told her they knew the house belonged to the popular musician, but she is unable to identify them because they were wearing masks.

To make things worse, Brown’s mother claims she knows the people who held Chris’ aunt at gunpoint and ran away with a lot of cash and other valuable possessions. Though she hasn’t revealed any names yet, Joyce Hawkins is certain that Brown’s ‘friends’ are behind the invasion.

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