Chris Brown’s Friends Worried About Him


We don’t like Chris Brown. Never really did. We tolerated him. However, once you become a woman-beater, you are dead for us, plain and simple. This is why we are not particularly concerned that his friends and family have their panties all up in bunch over his seeming addiction to sizzurp.

For once, it is quite possibly the lamest addiction you can have and no self-respecting artist should become addicted to purple drank. Also, there is really no proof that he’s been hitting it hard. There are a few pics of cups sitting next to him and him enjoying something out of a plastic cup. That wouldn’t fly in court and doesn’t fly with us.

One part of this story is alarming though… There are claims that he is drinking sizzurp with Royalty (his daughter) around. If that’s true, you need to get yourself together, Chris.

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