Chris Brown’s Daughter’s Name is Royalty


So, the news broke yesterday that Chris Brown is doing his best to perpetuate the stereotypes of a successful rapper by having a baby momma. The baby momma’s name is Nia and she gave birth to Brown’s daughter nine months ago, even though the news just broke this week.

And now we have some information about the baby. Apparently, her name is Royalty!

No news yet on whether Brown had any involvement with picking the name or whether it was all Nia’s idea, but considering the fact that he and Nia have not been in touch much and that Brown has another woman in his life, we’d likely wager that it was Nia’s decision to give the child that name.

What we do know is that even though there is no relationship between the two anymore, Brown is looking forward to being a part of the child’s life. He said that he has no problem flying to Texas, where Nia and Royalty reside, every now and then to check in on them and be a father to the young girl.

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