Chris Brown’s Crew Beats Up Girl


“We are the company we keep,” is one of those sayings you discover are very true as you get older. Today’s piece of news testifies to this, with a story about a girl who got beat up by Chris Brown’s posse. When you hang out with a woman-beater, you become one.

According to the girl in question, Jakaria, she was hanging out with Chris Brown and his posse this weekend in Las Vegas. Everyone at the party was asked to hand over their phones to the security and she did so as well. When she went to pick up the two phones belonging to her, Brown’s security detail jumped to conclusion she was trying to steal other people’s phones and mayhem ensued.

Allegedly, they grabbed her by her hair, shook her around for a bit and then threw her on the floor. If not for someone’s quick reaction, she would also have gotten her head stomped on. She went home but soon had to call the emergency services. Doctors who attended to her determined she has whiplash.

Chris, you’re at it again..

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