Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Won’t Let Him FaceTime With Royalty


Chris Brown is on tour right now and not being able to see his daughter Royalty has been really difficult for the singer turned rapper. According to an exclusive report from sources close to Brown, he was trying to FaceTime Royalty recently and his baby mama Nia Guzman wouldn’t let him talk to her!

According to the report, Brown called wanted to see and talk to Royalty when Guzman said that she had just put the child to bed, adding that Brown’s call woke her up. Brown asked to see Royalty, since she was awake now, and said that he wanted to sing her a song to put her back to sleep. But Guzman wasn’t having it.

She said that both she and the baby were really tired and had to go to bed, after which she hung up on Brown. Brown was apparently so upset that he started crying. Poor Chris!

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