Chris Brown Scared By Nightclub Shooting, Boasts About Huge Manhood


Five people were injured in a shooting near a San Jose, California, nightclub where Chris Brown was performing early Sunday morning, according to People.

A spokesman for the San Jose police department told the mag that the singer was hosting a private party along with a local DJ when the incident happened.

However, the celebration turned sour when an altercation resulted in a shooting.  Brown was performing his song Loyal when the gunshots were heard. The singer got really scared and was ushered away by others. Naturally, everyone’s instinct would be to duck their head and hide somewhere safe, but we can’t help noticing that Brown behaved like a complete coward.

If you boast about your bravery all the time, people don’t expect to see you running away like a little girl at the first sign of danger. On top of all that, he posted a picture on Instagram a day before the shooting, which clearly serves as a reminder to all his fans how gigantic his manhood is. Having in mind all the things he did in the past, his private parts certainly don’t impress us.

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