Chris Brown Gets Physical With A Fan – And Not In A Good Way


You would have thought that Chris Brown has by now learned that it is not okay to push, shove or hit ladies, even if they “initiate the contact.” But no.

After a show at Limelight Houston this last weekend, Brown was approached by a female fan who, as she herself admitted, tried to kiss him. She came to him while he was facing the other way and grabbed his face in an attempt to give him a nice smooch.

He reacted by shoving her with his forearm and, according to those present at the club, not in a very gentle manner. The fan, who was identified simply as Mandee, says that she had a couple of drinks (five of them, and some shots on top of that) and that she was definitely not trying to hurt him. Mandee admits her approach was maybe inappropriate but that Brown’s reaction was too much, and that she was considering a lawsuit.

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