Chris Brown Allegedly Threatened A Woman Online


We have never hidden our dislike of Chris Brown, but we have to give him one thing. With him, there is no chance a shortage of insane celebrity news will rear its ugly head. Every few days, you hear about a new ridiculous, unreal story that involves the world’s most famous woman-beater.

For instance, today, we are learning that he is spending quite a bit of his time sending death threats to a woman online. The woman in question is Danielle Patti, the same one that was arrested at his house for trespassing. According to her, he’s been harassing her on social media and telling her he wouldn’t mind seeing her dead.

But the story gets even more complicated. Danielle also claims the two of them used to date and that her trespassing arrest was a joke. One thing is for sure, you never know what can happen with Chris.

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