Check Out The Kim Kardashian Of Croatia

A photo posted by Jelena Peric (@j_make_up) on

It is a known fact that many young women on the planet want to look like the reality TV show star, Kim Kardashian, who needs no introduction whatsoever. It seems though, that some of these girls are more successful than others, and Jelena Peric from Croatia might just be the closest thing to the original yet.

Young twenty-four-year-old makeup artist made it her life goal to look exactly like the wildly popular celebrity, and she shares all the hacks to looking more like Kim K over her Instagram profile, which at the moment has over half a million followers.

Truth be told, the young Croatian actually looks a lot like Kim even without makeup, thanks to her physique, her signature pout and similar facial features. The lookalike claims that she is often mistaken for the real deal Kardashian, which seems to be tiring for her.

We can’t help but wonder if she is bored with everyone comparing her to Kim Kardashian, why does she persist in copying her look? We guess it is only a matter of time before being a celebrity copycat becomes a fully paid profession, if this hasn’t happen already.

#ootd Two piece set by @wantmylook 💕 #jglam#j_make_up #wantmylook

A photo posted by Jelena Peric (@j_make_up) on

Check her Instagram here: j_make_up

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