Charlie Sheen Wants His Syndication Checks From “Anger Management”


Charlie Sheen thought that he would be sitting pretty for years to come after signing the initial contract to for starring on the “Anger Management” sitcom. The production of the show did get shut down after 100 episodes, but the show is now being syndicated on a bunch of channels, which leaves Sheen perplexed by the fact that he is not seeing any money from the syndication.

According to people close to the wild actor, Sheen owns 30% of the show and should be cashing fat checks from these syndication deals, but none are coming in. Show producers are giving him excuses, saying that there were unforeseen costs and that the show ran over budget when it was being made, but Sheen isn’t buying it.

Sources say that the party-crazed celebrity is going to start assembling his legal team next week if he doesn’t start seeing any money soon. Sheen believes he should have already made at least $30 million off the syndication deals.

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