Charlie Sheen Says He Didn’t Assault Dentist


A dental technician accused Charlie Sheen of attacking her, while sitting in a chair at his dentists, and then going for the dentist himself.

According to the technician, Sheen was under the influence of cocaine and was about to assault his dentist with a knife.

The technician notified the police and the LAPD is now investigating the case. Meanwhile, the actor’s publicist denied the whole story, including the part where Sheen was high on rock cocaine.

And Charlie Sheen sent a message to the technician that “wronged” him. In the message, he call her a “desperate troll” and a “jobless washout,” who should have sold some cocaine herself to make some money now that she has no job and has to lick food stamps.

The dental technician is, in fact, jobless now, since her boss, the dentist, denied the whole story and fired her. In all honesty, her story didn’t make much sense anyway.

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