Changing Of The Guards At Kris Jenner’s Home


Kris Jenner fired her entire security team and Kanye’s people moved in on their turf. When you are as famous as the Kardashian-Jenner Konglomerate, you simply have to have serious security on your premises. The amount of lunatics that are looking to “become part of your life” is just insane and it is no wonder that Kris was so pissed about the lapse of her long-standing security team.

This Tuesday, namely, a random dude simply waltzed into her home and her office. The police came after Kris had called them and they arrested the dude.

Kris got rid of her inefficient security team and, as TMZ reports, Kanye’s security (all off-duty cops) moved in for the time being, until Kris hires some new guys.

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