Cera Releases Folk Pop Album


Even though he did not announce it at all, actor Michael Cera has surprised his fans by releasing an album of lo-fi folk pop.

The album contains 18 songs, most of which are short and instrumental. Fans can buy it digitally for seven dollars if they are interested in hearing it.

Cera didn’t make much of the album, he didn’t even announce it or talk about it at all. If it was not for his friend and Superbad co-star Jonah Hill, no one would even know about it. Hill announced on social media that Cera has released an album and provided a link where people could check it out.

Cera has been known to dabble with music, though his most known musical project has been his covers of Moldy Peaches songs on the Juno soundtrack. This new music is described as lo-fi indie folk pop, featuring a lot of piano and organ, with very little singing.

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