Celebs Attend James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah


We don’t know where to begin with the Seth Rogen-organized belated Bar Mitzvah for his best friend James Franco. Do we start from the fact that Franco is 37 and waaay too old for a Bar Mitzvah? Do we start from the fact that Jeff Goldblum played the role of a rabbi?

Or perhaps we should start with Miley Cyrus‘ performance in nothing but a blue thong leotard and thigh-high boots while rocking Star of David wristbands? Perhaps we can start with the fact that Zac Efron played the role of Franco’s foreskin?

Or maybe we should just not even start? In any case, it was a wild night and for a good cause – raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease as part of the Hilarity for Charity variety show.

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