Celebrities React To The Charlie Hebdo Shooting


Yesterday was one of the most tragic days in the recent history of France, and, if you look at the bigger picture, of the whole world. The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, known for its provocative covers depicting religious figures, was attacked by three gunmen who killed 12 people and injured many more.

The entire world came together in condemning the tragic event, with candlelight vigils and online support in the form of the hashtag #jesuischarlie. Many celebrities expressed their shock over the tragedy via Twitter.

Julianne Moore wrote “I am heartbroken by the loss of life and attack on freedom of expression. #JeSuisCharlie” and J.K. Rowling posted a picture of the magazine covered in blood-red ink with the middle finger sticking from it, writing “Sometimes a picture says it better than any writer could. #CharlieHebdo.”

Mark Ruffallo wrote “What a tremendous loss. A free press is our greatest weapon against tyranny, home and abroad. #JeSuisCharlie,” along with a picture of a pencil stuck in a gun barrel.

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