Cat Power Had Near Death Experience


Singer and songwriter Cat Power has revealed she had almost died in 2012, while she was battling tissue swelling disorder angioedema.

The 42-year old star was hospitalized with the condition caused by stress, following the release of her album Sun in 2012. She was then urged to postpone her European tour to focus on her health.

The singer, real name, Chan Marshall, has now opened up about her health condition in the past, but has also revealed the situation was more serious than she revealed back then.

She told The Guardian, “They told me they were going to put me in a coma to save my lungs. My friend came to visit and told me I’d made the Billboard Top 10 (music chart) and all I could think was, ‘I don’t want to die’.”

After she was diagnosed with the condition in 2012, Cat Power took to her page, and wrote, “(Angioedema) can attack at random & is extremely frightening and dangerous when it hits my throat, windpipe, or tongue, and I’ve been hospitalized for it eight times since the first attack…”

“Since then, I worked very very hard with all the best allergists, cardiologists, neurologists, accupuncurists (sic), homeopathists & renowned healers that I could find.”

And while announcing the cancellation of her European dates, she added, “I have to postpone my European tour until early next year, so I can return home and re-engage myself back into my health regimen. I f**king love my fans. Everything I do regarding my career, I first, think of my fans and this world we all share. But right now, I have to think of myself because I have to learn trough (sic) meditation & being clear from alcohol & cigarettes & red meat and lots of rest amongst my menagerie of doctors… I have to now learn to heal myself.”

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