Casey Kasem Found In Washington


U.S. broadcast legend Casey Kasem has been found in Washington. He was found only hours after his daughter filed a missing person report in California.

The 82-year old TV and radio veteran, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, went missing and his daughter Kerri reported a missing person earlier this week. Judge ordered an investigation immediately.

Now, police has confirmed Casey has been located in Washington. Sergeant Mario Toti told the New York Daily News, “He’s already been found. He was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.”

Kerri also released a statement, “We are grateful to the local authorities for finding my Dad. We are one step closer to bringing him home.”

Over the past years, Kasem and his family were caught up in a family battle. Reportedly, his wife Jean and his children were fighting over custody and Casey’s will.

His daughter Kerri has been seeking a temporary conservatorship and she was finally appointed her father’s official caretaker on Monday, May 12.

Kerri’s attorney Troy Martin said during the hearing that Kasem had been moved to an Indian reservation but was not sure because he had been frequently moved from medical facilities.

Casey Kasem has been in poor health in recent years. Kerri’s court filings state her father is suffering from a form of dementia called Lewy Body Disease that had been incorrectly diagnosed as an advanced form of Parkinson’s disease.

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