Carrie Underwood Reveals Baby’s Gender


Carrie Underwood decided that it would be best to tell the world the sex of her baby during the Country Music Awards.

She set up a bit with the CMAs host Brad Paisley, to reveal that she is expecting a baby boy. First, Paisley asked Underwood to reveal the sex to him, and when she did, he joked that he now knew something that TMZ didn’t.

They later started discussing the comeback of country star Garth Brooks, and Paisley mentioned that Garth might be a good name for her baby, revealing that she is expecting a boy with her husband Mike Fisher.

They played it as if Paisley was revealing the baby’s gender by mistake, but it was obviously a planned thing. Regardless, the crowd loved it and cheered the announcement.

Garth Fisher, definitely sounds like a good country singers name, we recommend that the couple take it an run. The baby is the couples first. Underwood and her hockey player husband have been married since 2010.

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