Cara Delevigne Claims It’s Her Talent That Gets Her Movie Roles


The practice of supermodels venturing into movies is nothing new. Sometimes it works,  sometimes it does not. We all remember Cindy Crawford’s trainwreck of a movie from the mid-1990s with one of the Baldwins. The latest in the string of models who are trying to make it in Hollywood is Cara Delevigne, a British girl who’s been making waves in the world of fashion.

She has two major roles this year, both in much-anticipated movies. She plays Enchantress in Suicide Squad and Margo in Paper Towns, a movie adaptation of the John Green novel. Of course, people have started questioning if it isn’t her looks that are getting her the roles.

Cara is adamant and claims that the only reason she is getting roles is her talent. She says that she works hard on her acting skills and that she believes that her getting the roles is based on merit and nothing else.

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