Canadian Official Named Morrissey “Ignorant”


Gail Shea, a leading Canadian politician responded to rock star Morrissey and named him ‘ignorant’ for campaigning against national seal fur hunt.

Morrissey posted a statement on his website on Saturday, April 19, criticizing the practice of Canada’s Fisheries Minister Shea for not stopping the seal slaughter, and also suggested she should have “her head blown off” with a rifle so she could speak with “authority” on how the seals are slaughtered.

He also said the seal fur industry to be “greedy and barbaric” and “dismaying to witness”. Shea now hit back at him, saying that he is peddling “myths” and also branded his remarks to be “ignorant and inflammatory”.
A spokesman for Shea released a statement to Canada’s National Post newspaper, saying,

“Anyone who takes a careful look at the seal hunt will see that it is humane, sustainable, and well-regulated. In fact, the process used in the seal hunt was designed by international veterinary experts, and is the most stringent of any wild animal hunt in the world.”

“This is clearly just another case of a millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby, shamelessly regurgitating misinformation and myths that fringe animal-rights groups have been pushing for years. In the future, I would urge Mr. Morrissey to consider the impact that his ignorant and inflammatory statements have on the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working men and women in rural communities.”

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