Can You Believe What Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Named Their Baby?


Although super couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been very secretive when it comes to their new-born daughter’s name, it seems that it has finally been revealed.

According to E! News, the happy couple decided on a rather unusual name for a girl: JAMES. Yup, James. The magazine claims a source has come forward and made the name known.

Even though Ryan and Blake didn’t confirm this news, the proud dad recently told USA Today that they did not name their child Violet. He said that he didn’t want to comment on the reports that claimed Blake and he choose the name Violet and added that he had no idea where these rumors come from.

When Reynolds appeared on the Late Show last week, he told David Letterman that the name will eventually come out.

“We definitely [have a name]. I threw out the idea of just never naming the kid to be totally original, but we have a name. I just don’t want to say it in, like, a media context. I tell everyone who I meet, so it’ll come out.”

So, James?

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