Can Selena Gomez Fix The Beef Between Taylor Swift And Katy Perry?

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The beef between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is not showing any signs of slowing down. Neither one of the pop stars seems willing to kiss and make up and by now, no one really remembers what it was that started the feud.

Selena Gomez, however, decided that it is time for her two friends to make up. Sources reveal that she is planning an intervention that will help Tay and Katy finally move on and look past their differences.

So far, the plan is simple – Selena is going to invite Taylor and Katy to sit together and talk things through. However, from recent reports, it will be a miracle if she succeeds, especially after the rumors that both singers are preparing songs for dissing one another.

Allegedly, Katy Perry will perform her new Taylor-dissing song during her Super Bowl Halftime Show, no less, and according to sources, Taylor Swift will not lag far behind – she has her own song calling out Katy prepared for release.

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