Can Elijah Wood Keep This Guy Out Of Turkish Prison?


In what has to be the weirdest piece of celeb news that you will hear this week – and quite possibly this month – Elijah Wood has issued a statement to the press in the hopes of keeping a Turkish guy out of prison. We’ll let that sink for a while. The story is just too insane.

Apparently, this Turkish guy (a doctor, nonetheless) made a photo collage of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and Recep Erdogan, who only happens to be the Turkish president. He found some scenes of Gollum and some of Turkey’s No. 1 man and he made a comparison, indicating that Mr. President resembles the famous character.

According to Turkish laws, this is a crime and the man is looking at imprisonment for up to two years if he is found guilty. However, in order for him to be convicted, the prosecution needs to convince the court that Gollum is a bad guy.

Otherwise the Turkish man in question has committed no crime, apparently. If we are to trust the people form TMZ, the prosecution has a team set up to determine whether Gollum is essentially good or bad. Elijah gave a comment, saying he is good. Who knows, maybe this comment reaches the expert team.

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