Calvin Harris’ Olé Is Here And Yes, It’s A Breakup Song


The Calvin Harris – Taylor Swift – Tom Hiddleston trio have been all around the gossip columns and social media in the past weeks because of the whole shenanigan about Swift leaving the DJ for the actor. However, Harris has taken the drama to a whole new level after writing a song about the breakup. To make matters worse, he wrote it through Tom Hiddleston’s perspective, The Celebrity Auction reports.

Even though it seemed like good guy Harris was taking the news about Swift’s new love really well, he apparently isn’t. The song Olé hardly has anything good to say about the celebrity singer. Not only does it look like Harris is accusing Swift of being unfaithful but it’s apparent that Hiddleston gladly jumped at the opportunity to seduce the 26-year-old Swift.

This just might be the anger and jealousy talking, though the song does shed some light on their sudden breakup and practically confirms many speculations about Taylor juggling the two hotties. Is having Swift’s true face exposed the main reason the song was made in the first place, or is it just an ex’s jealous rant, though Harris doesn’t look like that guy? We’re certain we’ll find out soon enough.

You can listen to the track here

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