Calvin Harris Not Interest In Kanye Collab


We all know about the fairly messy breakup that DJ Calvin Harris and his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift recently went through.

And we also know that fans of the pop princess can be very harsh on social media to people she doesn’t like. That’s why Harris has decided to simply stay away from any and all situations that could get him caught up in the mix with Swift again.

This includes any possible musical collaborations with other people Swift doesn’t like, particularly rapper Kanye West.

The two have been beefing for years, with problems between the two stars escalating again recently.

Harris reportedly doesn’t want to collaborate with West because of that – because he believes that by doing that, it would make it seem as if he is doing something to spite his ex.

He basically just doesn’t want to do anything that can be linked to Swift in any way and wants the commotion over their breakup to simply disappear. Harriswas recently seen talking with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian at Jennifer Lopez’s celebrity birthday party. But according to sources, it had nothing to do with music or collaborations. They were just being cordial.

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