Calvin Harris Just Dumped Taylor Swift

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Unbelievably, we’ve found out that one of the greatest celebrity couples in forever, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, have broken up. News about the split broke on June 1 and it was a complete shock to just about everyone.

So, what happened? Apparently, Harris got cold feet and decided that it was time to end the relationship after what seemed like a pretty glorious 15 months of dating. We all thought Swift had finally found her perfect match, but it appears that she’s going to have to keep looking.

Sources say that Harris has not been very happy for a couple of months now and that even though they seemed liked the best couple ever, the two were not very compatible.

Some believe that the pop star was trying to get her DJ boyfriend to make a real commitment and put a ring on it, which is what scared Harris away. Calvin is 32 and Swift is 26, so you would think that it would be the other way around, but it looks like Harris was the one who just wasn’t ready to settle down.

Who do you think Swift should date next?

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