Calvin Harris Gives His Ex A Piece Of His Mind Over Twitter


This is a story as old as time itself: celebrity exes cought in the crossfire, battling over who will bash the other more. Calvin Harris finally spoke his mind when it comes to Taylor Swift’s claim that she alone wrote the summer hit “This is what you came for,” adding some bonus sarcasm into his Tweeter rant, E! reports.

It must be acknowledged that Harris took the high road for the longest time when it comes to his breakup with Swift, but he is human after all. Swift’s reps tried to make Harris look bad because he kept Swift’s participation a secret (which was obviously what she wanted first, that’s why she was signed under a pseudonym Nils Sjoberg), but the celebrity DJ was having none of that.

Harris started off nicely, by praising Swift’s writing skills, but brought to attention that it was him who did most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the song in question. He also threw in that Swift should be happy with her new relationship instead of trying to bash him, like she did with Katy Perry. Ladies and gentlemen, the claws are officially out!

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