Calvin Harris Can’t Believe Taylor Swift Met Tom Hiddleston’s Mom


With Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston‘s relationship tempo, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear wedding bells soon. The new couple has been virtually inseparable for the past couple of weeks and Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris has refused to comment on this new romance until recently, TMZ reports.

The news that prompted Harris to talk was Swift flying out to Suffolk to meet Hiddleston’s motherHarris said that he finds the whole situation laughable, as he himself never persuaded Swift to do him the courtesy of meeting his parents in Scotland because “it was too far away.”

We guess that Harris is disappointed because Swift is much more willing to go the extra mile for Hiddleston than she was ready to go for him, though the famous DJ is not sad that he broke up with Swift. Harris has his reasons for laughing at this situation because he knows Swift much better thanHiddleston and maybe because he’s just a bit hurt with everything that has happened in the last few weeks.

In the meantime, Swift and Hiddleston are enjoying themselves in Italy, not at all troubled by Harris’ words and mockery. Love is indeed blind – and apparently deaf.

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