Caitlyn Jenner’s Shoutout To Laverne Cox


Laverne Cox, the famous Orange is the New Black transgender actress, has always been the one to give credit where credit is due, and to celebrate any and all people brave enough to live their lives regardless of what the public may think.

Naturally, she jumped at the opportunity to praise Caitlyn Jenner after her Vanity Fair cover saw the light of day. Cox praised Jenner’s bravery, but did not fail to mention many less privileged trans people, as well as numerous murders of trans women taking place in the US and around the world.

Now, a few weeks later, Jenner has decided to thank Cox for all the support and kind words the gorgeous trans actress wrote and said after her transition. They both seem to be moved to tears by their mutual support, as well as the massive support the public has shown for the transgender community in the past few months, and so are we.


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