Caitlyn Jenner Would Like A Non-Judging Relationship


Even though the ratings on IMDB say that I Am Cait is average at best, and despite the fact that the entire story is slowly turning into a classic ‘much ado about nothing’ situation – the number of views per episode is still going through the roof (although decreasing steadily). So, what’s going on now, you ask?

Well, Caitlyn has opened up about how she wants a man to love her without making a huge fuss over the fact that she’s transsexual. Everybody deserves a normal relationship with a loving partner, but with all the media on your back and with the fact that you have decided to change your gender, it might prove more challenging than anticipated.

Caitlyn was asked whether she’s more into men or women, and here’s what she said:

“I’ve only been with women. I have bigger things to worry about [right now] than an orgasm.”

This could be true, but it is how it is – Caitlyn just wants a normal person next to her, but with all the pressure she’s been dealing with lately, that won’t be easy.

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