Caitlyn Jenner Will Vote For Donald Trump


The whole world knows the story of Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change and at this point, no one bats an eye about it. However, the fact that she supports Trump in the presidential race is raising a few eyebrows. Jenner has nothing good to say about Obama’s administration and she proudly declares that Trump will have her vote in the general election, according to People.

Why a famous and proud member of the LGBT community is supporting a presidential candidate who has practically no tolerance for what she represents is beyond our understanding. On the other hand, she has said that Hillary Clinton would be a better choice for the LGBT population, simply because Hillary has always shown support for them.

As for Trump, he hasn’t been so willing to affiliate himself with the LGBT world though he supported them on a few occasions. That is definitely not enough and Jenner is well aware of Trump’s moodiness and willingness to throw everyone who annoys him to a remote island. Nevertheless, she stays adamant in her decision, saying that she would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

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