Caitlyn Jenner Moves Audience To Tears At The ESPYs


Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender American athlete most famous for winning the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics, has held a most fascinating speech at the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award (EPSY). In her first major public appearance, she has managed to move the hearts of nearly everyone at the venue with her honesty and deep sympathy for all transgender people and the difficulties they are facing in their lives.

However, one atendee was not impressed. Apparently, Jessica Steindorff is slamming ESPN for giving Caitlyn Jenner the Courage Award, claiming that she “finds it difficult to understand how the culture we live in can honor a person who is responsible for taking a life”.

Steindorff believes that Jenner caused a car crash in February that claimed the life of one woman and points out that Caitlyn has refused to take responsibility for the incident.

Though many on Twitter were quick to agree that there were more deserving candidates for the award, most people were satisfied with the jury’s decision.

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