Caitlyn Jenner Has Something Important To Tell Her Plastic Surgeon


Caitlyn Jenner has proven once again that she is, despite what some may think, a true lady! After becoming the talk of the global village, she has decided to share some thoughts with the man responsible for her stunning looks.

Upon meeting with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Harrison Lee, she gave him a signed copy of the Vanity Fair magazine with her glorious self on the cover, and wrote a message expressing her gratitude and praising him for the good job he did on feminizing her face.

Still, some do not agree with Caitlyn, as the web is flodded with negative comments on her hands and the way she is sitting next to her doc – as if there is only one way for a woman to sit and look. Lucky for her, Caitlyn is strong and brave and these comments surely put a gorgeous smile on her beautiful face.

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