Bullock and Jeweler Settle Lawsuit


Actress Sandra Bullock has reached an agreement with a jewelry company to settle a lawsuit that she had filed against them. Bullock sued the company ToyWatch in 2012 for using her image in an ad campaign without her permission. The company was trying to sell and promote a watch by using a picture of Bullock wearing the watch while filming the movie The Blind Side.

The only problem was that Bullock had never given them permission to use her in the advertisements. According to a statement from Bullock’s team of lawyers, the actress does not want to appear in any ads in print or any other media without a prior agreement. Bullock is very careful about what she chooses to endorse whether it is a company or product. Also, she does not give her image out to be used by anyone unless she is rightfully compensated for the use and exploitation of her identity, persona, name and image.

So basically, this company used Bullock in an advertisement and tried to sell a watch by linking it to the famous actress. But they made the mistake of not asking her permission to do so, assuming that no one would notice. Well, Bullock and her legal team did notice and slapped a lawsuit on the company very quickly.

It seems that the company paid up out of court, because the lawsuit has been dropped after a settlement has been reached between Bullock and the company. But that is not the end of their troubles, they are also being sued for $2 million by Halle Berry for doing the same thing to her and associating merchandise with her name without her permission.

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