Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Reality Show On Hold


Former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner has reportedly postponed the production of his highly-anticipated docuseries chronicling his transition from man to woman.

TMZ reports say that the show will not air anytime soon because Jenner felt pressure from producers and had a lot of concerns about how his family was dealing with his sex change.

Although his daughters have supported him in his decision to become a woman, Jenner is worried that his sons Brandon, Brody and Burt don’t feel the same way. He wants to make sure that they are all ‘in a good place’ about the transition and ready to witness and handle the change their father is going through.

In addition to being concerned about his family, Jenner still hasn’t recovered from his involvement in the recent tragic car accident which ended one woman’s life.

Despite the hold up, an insider told TMZ that there is a “99.9% chance it will happen”, but it likely won’t air in May.

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