Bruce Jenner Gets Breast Implants


According to the latest reports surrounding Bruce Jenner’s transition, he has just added breast implants. Reports say that the implants are not that big, because Jenner did not want to go huge right away and look ridiculous.

The surgery was a pretty difficult one, and Jenner needs to lie down all day and can’t lift anything heavy. He also needs to wear a bra all the time. However, sources close to the reality star say that he will be back to his normal activities in about six months.

Also, this news has not been confirmed by all news sites. Many are reporting it, but others, such as Gossip Cop are saying that it is false. The site claims that while Bruce has plans to undergo hormone therapy that could affect his body in a way that would allow him to grow breasts, he has definitely not gotten implants. We’ll have to wait and see what’s true.

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