‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ By Azealia Banks


Young Rapunzel, aka Azealia Banks, finally released the long-awaited album titled ‘Broke With Expensive Taste.’ It sounds just like her – witchy, bitchy, honest, and pretentious. The girl knows her game, and is definitely one of the greatest female rappers of today.

Understanding the album, however, requires knowledge and tolerance. Knowledge about her attitude and lifestyle, and tolerance for that much sex and bad words. Remember the iconic line: “Imma ruin you cunt?” Well, nothing has changed.

Those responsible for releasing this record had their reasons for delaying it this much. When packed together, barely any of these tracks make any sense. It’s the opposite of a perfectly-formed debut album. If anything, it reflects just how unpredictable Banks’ past couple of years have been, from Twitter rages to the countless provisional release dates. Some songs pose the question, ‘Is this even real?’ How is it possible that this album emerged from the same mind that burst onto the scene with a brutal debut single? Well, it’s Azealia.

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