Brittany Murphy Movie To Air On Lifetime


According to reports, there will be a movie about the life and death of late actress Brittany Murphy, scheduled to be aired on the Lifetime channel some time in September.

People from the network have said that the movie will cover her childhood, rise to fame and success, her turbulent career, and also her unexpected death in detail.

However, there are no details on whether the family has given the green light for the movie. Sources say that Murphy’s mother was not asked to participate in the making of the movie.

Murphy’s mother does not like to speak about her child’s death, and only spoke out recently against rumors that Brittany’s estranged father was actually responsible for her death. These rumors stated that he poisoned both Murphy and her husband, who both died in the same year.

It is then fairly clear then why Lifetime chose not to contact Murphy’s mother, even though it’s not yet clear who the money earned from the movie will be going to and whether Murphy’s mother will be seeing some of it.

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