Britney Spears’ Bodyguards Swept Iggy Azalea’s House For Drugs


Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears thought that their song “Pretty Girls,” which obviously deals with the celebrity songstresses’ beauty, would be an instant hit. Unsurprisingly, the track failed to climb any relevant charts and the two launched an array of Twitter insults aimed at each other – Azalea blamed Spears for the song’s failure while Spears fired back, mocking Azalea’s cancelled tour.

The story is far from over. Azalea was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live and she was pretty candid about working with Britney in the past. She also shared an interesting detail with the world – this one time when Spears was supposed to have lunch with Iggy, her security team came earlier to perform a full sweep of Azalea’s house to make sure she wasn’t “stashing any drugs.” Azalea called the whole affair “absolutely salad” and explained that she would never do such a thing. Host Andy Cohen then asked if the sweep was organized to prevent Spears from doing drugs.

Here’s Azalea’s answer:

“Yeah, to make sure I wasn’t a bad influence. And I’m not. I passed the test! I was like, ‘I promise, I’m not gonna do anything bad. I just want to have lunch.’ I mean, I don’t do anything weird. I don’t have, like, a crack den.”

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