Britney is Packing On Pounds in Vegas


Britney Spears seems to be enjoying her stay in Las Vegas and it appears that she does not want to leave. And it’s not the gambling, it’s the food. Even worse, it’s not even good food. According to people who have seen the pop star in Vegas, she has packed on a huge amount of weight very recently and she is constantly eating junk food and splurging on high-calorie meals.

A source that saw Spears recently in Vegas said that she has gained close to 30 pounds and has tons of cellulite on her legs and stomach. She is performing regularly, but is apparently hiding her big belly by wearing a leotard that gives her a slimming effect and doesn’t let her stomach flop out when she’s on stage.

Britney is also wearing skin colored tights to hide her fat legs and using a lot of tanning products to try and hide all of her cellulite, which according to people who have seen her, makes her look ridiculous.

Sources say that she has abandoned the gym and loves to eat McDonalds, fried chicken and tacos. She is also drinking sugary frappuccinos from Starbucks on a daily basis.

It makes you wonder if there really is something in all of this fast food that really is addictive. Here you have a superstar with tons of money that could dine in any five star restaurants in Vegas, and instead, she is making runs to Mickey D’s every day. Color us confused.

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