Breakup Season Continues – Iggy Azalea Breaks Off Her Engagement!


Cheating is a no-no, no matter how famous and good looking you are. Iggy Azalea backed this claim after ending things with her former fiancée Nick Young, according to E!.

Even though the couple was together for quite a while and they were engaged for almost a year, things didn’t work out for Azalea and Young. The root of their personal problems was the suspicion that Young was unfaithful to the celebrity rapper, which was speculated because the basketball player himself indicated so in a video.

Though there was no evidence that he was unfaithful, Azalea apparently didn’t take it too well since she said a couple of times that she was doing her best to trust her fiancée again. Trust was mentioned as the main reason for the breakup in Azalea’s Instagram statement on Sunday, when she informed her fans about the split. Young seems to have taken it calmly, judging by his single word tweet, “single.”

As two more celebrities are single in Hollywood, we can’t wait to see what unexpected couples will form after this breakup season.


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