Brangelina Fought On Hotel Balcony, Angelina Smoked Again


Women’s Day, an Australian tabloid,  published exclusive photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in which the couple looks like they are having a fight.

The photos where taken two week ago on a hotel balcony, minutes before Brangelinga left  their hotel for the Sydney premiere of Angies new movie “Unborken”.

Although “The Fight” looks more like a simple disagreement the public was concerned. Both of them were photographed smoking cigarettes. Angelina was a smoker in her younger days, which is publicly known and Brad has been outspoken about his struggle to quit many times.

The couple met in Australia to walk the carpet after Brad spent some time promoting his movie “Fury” in Asia and Angelina being in LA for the Hollywood Film Awards. When the couple arrived to the premiere in a black Land Rover they barely looked at each other. Brad signed some autographs and Angelina talked to the press across the road. The coldness between them could be felt during the whole event.

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