Braless Khloe Kardashian Is In Awesome Shape


Remember when people used to refer to Khloe Karadashian as “the fat one?” Well, they certainly have to eat their words now, because she is looking incredibly slim and trim lately. The reality television star makes an appearance in the latest issues of Women’s Health, where she shows off her new physique, which he calls her “revenge body.”

She explained, saying that she gets motivated at tough times in her life, especially when she is having troubles in her love life. Khloe said that she really got serious about fitness back in 2012, when she was going through the end of her relationship with Lamar Odom. She said that during these tough times, she really focuses on fitness and uses the workouts to relieve stress.

Her fitness coach Gunnar Peterson, who trains a lot of celebrities, said that Khloe is an absolute animal in the gym who never complains and never gives up.

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