Brad Pitt, Seth Rogen And Others Blame Media For Sony Hacks

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A lot of very important people in Hollywood have found themselves in quite a pickle after the now-infamous Sony hack, in which private accounts of Sony Pictures execs have been hacked and their conversations made public.

One strong reaction comes from Brad Pitt, whose wife Angelina Jolie was called a “spoiled brat” in one of the private e-mails that have been revealed. Pitt feels that the media won’t stop publishing the hacked e-mails and conversations and that we won’t stop reading them, so the indictment, as he puts it, is really on us.

Seth Rogen, whose movie The Interview,is believed to be the spark that ignited the hack, says that the media are just as bad as the hackers, whom he calls criminals, for spreading the leaked material.

Aaron Sorkin agrees and adds that the media publishing the stolen information is indirectly providing material aid and support to the criminals behind the hack.

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