Bow Wow Wants Strahan’s Job On “Live”


There has been tons of tension after Michael Strahan announced that he would be leaving “Live with Kelly and Michael” soon. Some fun needed to be injected into the situation to diffuse it a bit. Thankfully, we have Bow Wow.

The celebrity rapper turned actor tweeted at host Kelly Ripa, saying that he would be happy to take Strahan‘s place as co-host.

Strahan announced last week that he would be leaving the show to join “Good Morning America.”

Bow Wow said that “Good Morning with Kelly and Shad” has a nice ring to it – his real name is Shad Moss.

Will it happen? Probably not. But at least we have something to talk about other than the reports of how furious Ripa is over Strahan‘s decision. Reports from sources within ABC say that Ripa is furious and that people are starting to fear for their jobs. She took some time off to process the news and is expected to return to the show soon.

Strahan, the former NFL player and Hall of Famer, is expected to leave for “Good Morning America” in four months.

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